We at the The Aryya Mission Institution strive to live the ideals of householder yogis according to the teachings and example of Yogiraj Lahiri Baba as transmitted to us by Yogacharya Panchanan Batacharya. Our main purpose is to help Kriya followers by guiding them in the proper practice of the original Kriya taught by Yogiraj. When appropriate, we help true and sincere seekers to enter into contact with the secret Masters of Kriya who were authorized by Yogiraj and Yogacharya to give the sacred initiation.

In the furtherance of knowledge and understanding, we make the original publications of Kriya Yoga literature available at no cost to the entire Kriya family of the world. These books contain the explanations given by Yogiraj himself to his disciples and were originally published by the Aryya Mission Institution between 1885 and 1910. Translations into Hindi, English and other languages are in a continuous process.

The Arrya Mission Institution is not a commercial enterprise. It was founded by Rev Panchanan Battacharya with permission of Rev. Yogiraj for the benefit of the entire world. It is not a Hermitage, Ashram or Yoga Center.

The sole purpose of this internet site is to provide information and guidance to sincere seekers. We hope it will serve as a source of inspiration and support to all visitors.

Passion and hatred are seated in the senses in relation to their objects. One should not come under the power of these two; they are indeed one's enemies.

(Chapter 3, verse 34)