Lahiri Baba

Born in Ghurani (Krishnanagar, Bengal) and raised in Kashi (Varanasi), Rev. Yogiraj Shri Shyamachran Lahiri is one of the greatest spiritual leaders from India. He was blessed with an acute intelligence and acquired a deep knowledge of ancient Indian languages, as well as, English. Notwithstanding the excellent education he received, by nature, he was a practical man who taught with his own example.

In 1868, he was initiated into Kriya Yoga (a scientific method of self-realization) by none other than the great Babaji Maharaj in the Himalayas. In the face of his devoted spiritual practices, he dutifully followed his household responsibilities, hereby setting a unique and timeless example for humanity.

Lahiri Babaji initiated spiritual seekers of all castes and races. He accompanied them in their path and inspired with his sincere, simple and scientific methods of teaching.

Though he never set out to write a book of his own, he did give many explanations of the scriptures within the context of Kriya Yoga. These explanations were transcribed by his disciples over the course of their regular meetings and today form several books which have been translated into Hindi and English. These books are available to Kriya practitioners all over the world from the Aryya Mission Institution.

He who is disciplined in Yoga, having abandoned the fruits of action, attains steady peace.

(Chapter 5, verse 12)