Saying Of Our Great Masters

Rev. Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri

“Everything is possible by doing Kriya properly. Remember Prana (breath) is God and so concentrate on this only.”

“Due to past karma, one might find oneself treading upon a false path. However, by continuing to seek faithfully, one is bound to find the proper path.”

“Practice Kriya and become established in Kriya Paravastha (the feeling experienced after practicing Kriya).”

Rev. Shri Panchanan Bhattacharya

“In the Ganga river, one finds many crocodiles. Likewise, there are so many people who represent themselves falsely in the name of Kriya Yoga. They want to portray themselves as true Masters but verily, they have nothing to offer. A true Master never seeks fame or popularity. For he knows that it is only “ego” which perpetuates such desires.”

Rev. Shri Netai Banerjee

“Practice Kriya regularly with faith and concentration. Whatever you want to know you shall learn through doing Kriya. Everything is possible for a devoted Kriyavan (One who practices Kriya)”.

When the mind runs after the wandering senses, then it carries away one's understanding, as the wind carries away a ship on the waters.

(Chapter 2, verse 67)